Mango40  -  The  new  small  form  factor  high  performance  external  AC/DC  power  supply from Megmeet was specifically designed to meet the needs of medical device
makers who want reliability at a competitive price point. 

The Mango40  series  provides  40 watts of convection  cooled  DC  power  outside  the medical appliance eliminating the need for  internal system forced air and reducing
system size and cost.  The Mango40 series also meets Efficiency Level V requirements for operating and no load power consumption as well as EISA2007, CEC2008 and theEuropean ErP Directive.  The power converter  is  enclosed  in  a  small  durable  IPX1  rated  housing   that  features a “power good” LED.  The Mango40 also meets the
requirements for RoHS and WEE and most emerging green standards.

With an isolation rating of 4,000 VAC Input to Output and 1,500 VAC Input to Ground, the Mango40 meets requirements for IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition compliance and marking. The Mango40 series is available with either Class I or Class II construction and offers medical device makers the option of most popular IEC 320 AC couplers including the C14, C18, C8 (polarized and non-polarized) and C6 styles.   The series also conforms to the medical EMC standard , IEC60601-1-2:2007, meeting level B radiated/conducted emissions to EN55011/22 and the relevant EN61000 immunity  standards .  The Mango40 can be configured with any properly rated DC output plug and comes standard with either the popular  barrel jack or 4-pin locking style DC connector.

Most important  the Mango40  is  the  latest product from Megmeet’s dedicated medical power supply  design team.  Leveraging purchasing power made possible through our consumer power products business unit, Megmeet’s medical design team uses conservative design rules, quality component suppliers and exhaustive validation and verification processes to ensure a well designed medical power adapter that can be manufactured reliably and cost effectively.   The units come with a 3 year warranty


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Mango40 Series – New medical adapter meets the needs for small form factor and high reliability

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