MEGMEET Display Power BU Overview

MEGMEET LED Display Power Product Offering

ModelPowerVout RangeEMI ClassNote
MCP200WS-4.5A-C200 W3.8 V ~ 5.5 VA
MCP200WS-4.5A-B200 W3.9 V ~ 5.0 VB
MSP260-4.5260 W3.9 V ~ 5.0 VA
MMP260-4.2-B260 W3.8 V ~ 5.0 VB
MCP300WL-4.5300 W3.9 V ~ 5.5 VB
MCP300WS-4.2300 W3.9 V ~ 5.0 VB
MLP400-4.5400 W3.9 V ~ 24 VA
MSP400400 W4.0 V ~ 5.0 VA
MUP200-4.5A200 W3.9 V ~ 5.0 VACurrent Sharing
MUP200WL-4.5200 W3.9 V ~ 4.5 VBCurrent Sharing
MUP260-4.2-U260 W3.9 V ~ 5.0 VACurrent Sharing
MUP300-4.2300 W3.9 V ~ 5.0 VBCurrent Sharing
MUP400-4.5400 W3.9 V ~ 5.0 VACurrent Sharing
MUP300WD-3.8/2.8300 WV1: 3.8 V ~ 4.6 V
V2: 2.2 V ~ 3.6 V
BCurrent Sharing, Dual Output
MCP200WD-3.8/2.8 200 WV1: 3.8 V ~ 4.6 V
V2: 2.2 V ~ 3.6 V
BDual Output
MCP300WD-3.8/2.8300 WV1: 3.8 V ~ 4.6 V
V2: 2.2 V ~ 3.6 V
ADual Output
MCP400WD-3.8/2.8400 WV1: 3.8 V ~ 4.6 V
V2: 2.2 V ~ 3.6 V
BDual Output
MCP500WL-4.6500 W3.9 V ~ 4.6 VB
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Artificial Lift
Megmeet® systems take the benefits of progressive cavity pumps to lift a wide range of viscous fluids and maximizes their operation with an intelligent downhole Permanent Magnet Motor and sensor system. 
Freed of downhole rods, the Megmeet® Synchro-Smart™ System widens the applications for PCP’s to deviated and horizontal wells.
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Electric Vehicle
Megmeet® powers all areas of electric vehicles, including on-board AC/DC battery chargers, DC/DC converters to power entertainment systems air conditioner systems, and stand alone EV charging stations.
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Industrial & Networking Power
Megmeet® powers equipment around the world including stadium LCD displays, air conditioners, manufacturing equipment, home appliances and the applications continuously expand. We have long time experience in telecom power, utility substation power and outdoor power solution.
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New Energy - Solar
Megmeet® solar products provide high-efficiency power generation with wide DC voltage input range. Using components only from premium brands, safety and reliability are guaranteed while ensuring steady product operations. 
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Medical Power
Megmeet® designs and manufactures custom rechargeable batteries for medical and commercial systems. Our product lines include standard medical-grade power supplies, open frame and external power adapters, as well as full custom-designed solutions.
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Electronic Bidet Toilet
Megmeet® ​has a dedicated design and R&D team responsible for the production and sales of electronic bidet toilets. ​While creating exquisite products, we continue to focus on scientific and technological innovation, advancing production equipment, and perfecting strict quality and manufacturing standards.
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