Manufacturing Capacities
MEGMEET’s  brand  new state  of the  art  facilities  in  Zhuzhou,  Hunan  China (about 2.5 hours from Hong Kong via high speed train) has 108000 m2 (1.16 million Sq feet) of manufacturing space with a capacity to build up to 3.0 million power products per month.

At MEGMEET a  high  performance design  is  just the beginning of a superior customer experience. ISO 3485 registered, MEGMEET  promotes  a  Culture  of  Quality  where each  part  of  our  business  is  encouraged  to  mature and  improve. MEGMEET  has   implemented   Total  Quality  Management  processes  and  strategies   to  monitor   and control  quality  while  ensuring  continued  process improvements. 

How we maintain our high level of quality :

Component verification Testing is an  absolute  requirement to ensure our products are capable of meeting the specifications they were   designed  to. We carefully select and qualify components to best meet  our product needs, and create incoming inspection  processes  to ensure  our vendors  are  delivering these components with consistent quality and performance characteristics.

Electrolytic Capacitors  are  one  of the  most common  causes  of   failure for power supplies. We run through and  rigorous  testing on  all  our vendor’s  capacitors  to  ensure  the  products  will  truly  meet  the minimum   life  expectancy we require for our products.

Life Testing of  our  power  supplies  is  the  truest   method  to  determine   the  quality  and  reliability  of  a completed power  supply   design.  All of  our  power supply designs undergo rigorous shock, vibration and thermal stress testing to prove  the  quality of the design, minimizing  field  failures,  and  ensuring  we deliver a product that we are proud to stand behind.

Thermal Stress Cycling using state of art testing methods and advanced programmable thermal cycling equipment  is  a key  part  of  Megmeet’s  power supply design process.  Megmeet’s  accelerated stress testing improves the product design and manufacturing  processes while driving down costs, exposing  latent  defects,  or variations  in manufacturing  and  effectively determining product operating margins.

Surge and Susceptibility solutions  are  a  must  for  international  product use. All  of  our products are qualified for Lightning Strike and Electrostatic  Discharge to ensure  the  general  robustness of our  products and for compliance with EMC   Directives  and   military  standards  ( DEF  STAN  59- 411 ).   Our  test  engineers  have   the  experience  and   skill  necessary to ensure  consistent  and repeatable qualification of all our products.

RoHS Qualification has become a basic international requirement for electronic products. MEGMEET has eliminated Lead,  mercury  and  other  “ hazardous ”  elements  and  chemicals  for  compliance  to  RoHS  Directives  ( Restriction of Hazardous  Substances) around the globe.

REACH ( Registration , Evaluation , Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances )  is  a new European requirement  that entered into force on 1 June 2007. MEGMEET monitors all the  latest implementations of REACH  to  ensure  all  our products  and processes   are  in  full   compliance   including  the  use  of  Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs).