Rechargeable Battery Pack Development and Manufacturing

Megmeet designs and manufactures custom rechargeable batteries for medical and commercial systems based on popular commercially available battery chemistries.   Megmeet’s engineering and design team assist OEMs and medical device makers with defining battery requirements, selecting the proper battery chemistry, and sizing battery packs for voltage, discharge rate and run time.  Additionally, Megmeet’s mechanical design team can aid in defining and tooling the mechanical construction and features needed to integrate a battery into a system design.  Services entail material selection, assembly technique, thermal management, and interconnect options interfaces and contacts, including latches, hinges and clips.  The custom design team at Megmeet is versed in all popular battery chemistries and understands the performance profile of those chemistries most utilized, including:

    - Lithium Cobalt Oxide
    - Lithium Ion Polymer
    - Lithium Iron Phosphate
    - Lead Acid
    - Nickel Metal Hydride
    - Nickel Cadmium

Megmeet's extensive engineering resources and detailed product development process are consistently accessible to its valued customers' design teams throughout each phase of a battery development project, including:

    - Concept and materials resource planning
    - Prototype development
    - Manufacturing design
    - Validation and verification testing
    - International safety, EMC and transportation compliance
    - Mass production

Lithium Battery Safety and Pack Management (Smart Batteries)

Megmeet offers medical and commercial OEMs high-performing, safe lithium battery solutions with customized embedded safety and pack management circuits.  From basic protection circuits designed for safe operation and compliance, to international safety standards, to complex smart batteries featuring host communications reporting and alarms that include:

    - Temperature
    - Pack voltage
    - Charge current
    - Discharge current
    - Remaining capacity
    - Remaining run time
    - Fully charged
    - Fully discharged
    - Cycle count
    - Time to full